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NEW In HUMOUR: A Wag to the Wise - Wit and Wisdom from the dog World - Order your copy here
Publication date 1 Aug 2011.

What they say:
"Does more than scratch the surface" The Barking Chronicle

"Fun fur all the family" OK, I'm coming! Magazine
"Definitely something to get your teeth into" The Canine Guardian


Connect - cultural awareness for international students
This Pick and Mix Package prepares students for living and studying in the UK
Connect Movie
- animation for your website available in English, Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese and Spanish
Connect Pdf - 24 page comprehensive pre- and post-arrival information for your website. Illustrated.
Just Connect - 96-page magazine-style introduction to the UK crafted for the intermediate English learner.
International Students Connect - An entertaining intro to the UK for more advanced English speakers.
One in Five - a live performance by Teflonstage for newly arrived students to the UK. Hits all the buttons.
Connect Pdf Connect MovieJust ConnectInternational Students ConnectOne in Five by Teflonstage Theatre Group
More/Buy... Try the Brit Quiz to see how much you know about Britain..

Searching For Beauty - Richard Jacobs
'..erudite, endearing, elegiac, self-mocking and sometimes hilarious...could become a cult classic'
'I am completely absorbed by Dr. Jacobs' correspondence. What a wonderful, thoughtful and thought-provoking book.'

Available in the USA and Canada from Laguna/Axner

New in EFL
Ready to Fly motivating materials for learning English through song. 100 pages photocopiable materials + CD.
16 songs in different styles from across the English-speaking world. Suitable for ages 13+, from intermediate to advanced levels.

New Theatre. Created by Kestrel Books for Teflonstage
Lili - Musical theatre by Oscar Fovarge. The fascinating story of 'Lili Marlene'. How popular music was used as propaganda in World War II.
One in Five An introduction to living and learning in the UK for international students.
Pygmalion Redux - GB Shaw's classic tale of Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle retold for the 21st century.
For full details go to Teflonstage.

Available in 2011 - Selection
Education Games Academics Play Anon and Anon. Prepares students and aspiring academics for the delights and pitfalls of life in academia. By turns informative, cautionary and hilarious.
Poles Apart
Oscar Fovarge A Fine State Tom Ladislaw
Humour Joanna Howells A Wag to the Wise Dog lovers will recognise something of themselves and their pooch in every cartoon.

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