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'My Life as a Psychic'

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'My Life as a Psychic'

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A highly personal and entertaining account of living with an extraordinary gift: as a child when Gavin did not realise that seeing ghosts and sensing spirits was exceptional, and as a teen when keeping this knowledge to himself made life a lot easier. More recently Gavin's abilities have become highly valued, and he describes his present work with the police, in historic houses, and giving readings to members of the public as well as celebrities such as Pete Burns, Michelle Collins and Cheryl Cole.

Gavin believes the spirit world should not be mystified or made to seem frightening or malign. He has lived with people from the other world all his life and views them as no better or worse than those inhabiting this life. Also covered are what for Gavin are 'The 13 most commonly asked questions', including, 'Do we all have psychic powers?' There are also exercises and tips on how readers can try things for themselves.





Book Reviews: review. Review by Lee Prosser -

As a sensitive directly involved with the paranormal and supernatural, I found 'My Life as a Psychic' enjoyable, and I would urge any person serious about learning about contemporary psychics to study this fine book with care. It is honest, and straight-ahead in its approach.

There are twelve chapters in the book, and each one covers different aspects of psychic Gavin Cromwell's experiences. His first visual contact comes at age four in Tredegar House, and from that point on, his life as a psychic unfolds.

Entertaining, and written in a conversational tone, this book is lively and enjoyable. Cromwell discusses his encounters in the Lizzie Borden house and Salem, and his psychic adventures in Massachusetts during 2007 when he undertook a promotional tour as a psychic.

The readers will find some highly interesting techniques in the chapter, "My Psychic Toolbox." Other chapters of special interest include "The Beatles Saga," "Animals and Me," and "Witchcraft and Me." The illustrations are by Gavin Cromwell and Joanna Howells, and the photographs are by Gavin Cromwell and Martin Clowes.

I would highly recommend this book to the readers of the paranormal and supernatural. If you are interested in ghosts, and other kinds of paranormal activity, this is a book you will relish reading from the beginning to the end of the book! If you are interested in learning more about the author, check him out at, and his publisher at

Gavin Cromwell is to be congratulated on for writing a fine book. My Life as a Psychic is a winner in all aspects. Give it a reading! You won't be disappointed. Gavin Cromwell is a genuine psychic, and he shares his paranormal experiences in an open, friendly manner that will delight all readers of this excellent book.

'My Life as a Psychic' is the fascinating story of Gavin Cromwell, an astonishingly gifted paranormal investigator and psychic medium. Starting with Gavin's earliest paranormal encounters, he tells his compelling story with fascinating and colorful details. Through this book, we watch him grow from a talented natural intuitive to a world-class psychic medium. The second half is a useful reference for anyone interested in psychic healing or paranormal research. Gavin's story is poignant, humorous and filled with rich stories. It's a real page-turner!
Fiona Broome, author, psychic medium and paranormal consultant, USA

'Warm, funny, deeply genuine and very human, Gavin Cromwell writes as he speaks and speaks as he finds… he breaks the mould of psychic mediumship with his rock star persona and fear of the dark. He is electrifying to watch yet deeply respectful towards the spirit world… My prediction? Remember the name of Gavin Cromwell - you will be hearing it a great deal in the future.'
Pippa Quelch, BBC journalist

'What a fascinating book! Gavin has written an extremely readable, enjoyable, scintillating book which I found hard to put down. Whatever your views on psychic matters, there are plenty of laughs, drama and Welsh locations in this book. I would recommend reading this book to all those with an interest in local supernatural tales.'
Carwyn Jones, AM for Bridgend, South Wales

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